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We seek pleaser in announcing ourselves as one of the most trusted leading recruiters and manpower suppliers. Duly licensed by the Government of Pakistan and having extensive experience of the field, we are making job Seeking process much easier.

نوٹ : معزز حضرات اجرک اوورسیز کاکوئی لیگل اییجنٹ نہیں ہے لہذا پروموٹر کے علاوہ کسی سے لین دین نہ کریں. اگر کوئی کرتا ہے تواس کا ذمے دار خود ہوگا ـ اجرک اوورسیز ذمے دار نہیں ہے ـ شکریہ

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AJRAK Overseas is committed to providing its high-quality services for recruitment. The term Overseas Pakistani is officially recognized by the Government of Pakistan. The Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis was established in 2008 to exclusively deal with all the matters and affairs of overseas Pakistan is such as attending to their need s and problems, intending schemes and projects for their welfare, and working for resolution of their problems and issues. Overseas Pakistani workers are the second-largest source of Foreign Exchange Remittances to Pakistan after exports and over the last several years. AJRAK Overseas ensures quality services to Client as well as to placement seekers

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Our vision is to provide our clients with better and timely services and sustainable solutions by adopting automated and sophisticated methods.


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We provide manpower recruitment services across the globe. We are working with worlds well-known multinational companies and providing staffing solutions to them.


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Paramount and Hassle-Free Services, Customer ease and Satisfaction, Establishing Better Coordination and Customer Relationship, Ensure Lucidity.


What we do for you?

AJRAK Overseas is recognized by the Government of Pakistan and member of the Pakistan Overseas Employment Promoters Association (POEPA).

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AJRAK Overseas is one of the experienced human resource consultant having an effective system and high standards to offer human resource services when hiring the professionals for our clients. We take every important requirement into an account provided from the client so that the right selection can be made. Our team of experts will conduct extensive testing and interview before making the final selection. At the end of the day, being an overseas employment corporation, our aim is to provide human resource services to competent individuals to our clients in Pakistan and GCC countries.

Human Recourse Consultant

We offer the best human resource constancy to our valued customers.

Overseas Employment Services

Playing a significant role in providing human resources from Pakistan to Overseas clients.

Development Manpower

We have skilled and experienced professionals to pick the right human resource.

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